Campbell Field Airport
Elevation 40ft.
Airport Established 1933 by D.M. Kellam
Celebrating 75 Years of Aviation in Northampton County, Virginia.
Airport Webcam

Hangar Camera

Have Fun!

Instructions for the interactive page:
-When finished please leave the camera positioned outside and so that the image is recognizable, e.g., not zoomed in on a blade of grass!
-An easy way to move the camera is to click on the image.  The camera will center itself wherever you click.
-You can use the source menu near the top of the page to choose pre positioned camera locations.
-Please do not change the control panel settings.  Auto Focus and Iris should always be on.  Backlight comp should be left off.  IR cut filter should be on.  
-Sometimes the camera housing dome is dirty and the camera will focus on it.  Just zoom the camera a little and the camera will re-focus itself.

Below is a live video stream from the Hangar Camera.

If you are having problems seeing the image it's most likely because you are using Windows Internet Explorer.  When using IE you have to have download the ActiveX plugin.  You should be prompted to download the plugin.  To avoid the problems associated with IE I highly recommend changing your preferred browser to Firefox 

Have Fun!

24 Hour Timelapse Video (Press Play Button in Image)

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Airport Office:
(757) 442-7519

Campbell Field Airport
9114 Bayford Road, PO Box 64
Weirwood, VA  23413-0064
Airfield is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (ESVA) in the Weirwood Hamlet, Northampton County.  We are newar the towns of Exmore, Eastville and Nassawadox Virginia.
We love grassroots aviaton and we are taildragger friendly.
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